The Official Rock Band of the Boston Red Sox


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BOSTON, Mass., Oct 10, 2018 / — the Deep State, a band born and bred in New England and best known for its waggish takes on depression and adult drug use, announced today a partnership with famed Major League Baseball team, the Boston Red Sox and their iconic ballpark, Fenway Park. Inspired by their admiration for the vibrant city and beloved sport, the Deep State will act as The Official Rock Band of both the Boston Red Sox and Fenway Park, releasing exclusive songs during the 2019 season. The collection will consist of songs for men, women and kids and will be available online at and in select music stores around Boston and Cambridge.

The Deep State will kick-off their partnership with the Boston Red Sox and Fenway Park on April 9, the team’s home opener against the Toronto Blue Jays. New songs to be debuted include “It’s called America’s Past-Time Not Canada’s Past-Time” and “Geddy Lee May Be God But You’re Not.”  the Deep State’s signage will also be displayed on the Third Base line near the field’s iconic Green Monster. If you’re paying $11.25 for a beer, you’ll get a free the Deep State collectible drink coaster. Please, do not throw them onto the field or at each other.

“Baseball is a treasured American pastime and the Boston Red Sox and Fenway Park are an iconic institution in the sport. Much like the Deep State – they’ve been here all along. As a proud New England band, we couldn’t be more excited to partner with one of New England’s favorite teams and further enhance our involvement in the Boston community,” said Kenyon King, the Deep State’s most vocal vocalist. When asked about  the band’s bass player’s roots in Philadelphia, King became visibly upset but still managed to say something nice about Shane Victorino. Also, King added, “with all due respect to Philadelphia, I think Boston sport fans are the best in the world. I mean, you don’t see Boston lubing up its telephone poles on playoff nights.”

“Working with the Boston Red Sox and Fenway Park was a natural fit and a wonderful complement to our preexisting sports collaborations with longstanding American traditions such as The Roller Derby Drag Queens and The St Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl All-Stars Stars” said Chipper Glib, synergistic brand identity accountant for the Deep State. “We started our band under the warm flicker of the Citgo sign and we really think that this new partnership is gonna hashtag knock it out of the park.“

“We are beyond thrilled to call the Deep State The Official Rock Band of the Boston Red Sox and Fenway Park,” said Red Sox Executive Vice President Brad Chadkins.  “Once Jim Beam became the official bourbon of the Boston Red Sox, and Hotel Commonwealth became the official hotel, there really wasn’t much left that was up for grabs. Kudos to the Deep State for helping us realize just how deep this depraved licensing and endorsement hole can go. Now don’t forget to download ParkWhiz, the official parking app of the Boston Red Sox.”

ABOUT the Deep State®

Operating out of an undisclosed location in Boston, Massachusetts, the Deep State is an American rock band that blends elements of indie rock, dark pop, folk, and country music. Not too much country, really. The Deep State are constantly writing and debuting new material just brimming with anguish and whimsy.

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