the Deep State at Midway. again. again.

We went on last that night. Our pal Johnny from Carmina Noctua opened as an acoustic set. He’s so rad; he has a deft musical understanding and a confident stage presence that is a blast to watch. It’s not easy to hold a room in your hand all by yourself. His songs are solid and you feel like you’re hanging out with him at his super cool clubhouse.

Absinthe Rose performed on banjo and guitar with a trumpet and a bass player. The singer Kimbo repeatedly mentioned her incarcerated brother in between songs. Note to self: work that into the set.

Party Walsh was also a trio. It was a hot and humid night, and the mighty Midway Cafe was steamy. We tracked the length of their set by how much darker blue their drummer’s shirt got. Every last inch was drenched. Note to self: DON’T work that into the set.

And we had to cut the set short because Kenyon had laryngitis. The sound guy took pity on him and cranked up everyone else. That night, The Deep State was Boston’s hottest instrumental band. You’re welcome.