the Deep State and Blood Simple at The Midway Cafe

This was the first time that Blood Simple all performed together at the same time. That powerhouse vocalist is Caitlin Driscoll Cannon. On the fiddle and vocals is Lauren Lebois, on the bass guitar is Patti Ripton (the Deep State) and on the mandolin/guitar/pedal steel is Mr. Jim DeTore of Shotgun Waltz. Also, Kenyon (the Deep State) sings and plays guitar.

We put the bill together ourselves with overlapping band members and friends. There’s little worse than having to sit through a crummy band or two just to hear the band you came there to see. The beauty of a show like this is that we all want to hear it all. And not for nothin’, but it’s time for some quality control in Boston.

The Deep State brand stands for quality. When you attend a show put on the Deep State, you can be assured that only the finest in local and regional entertainment (who answered our calls) will be on the bill.

We made musical friendships on late Tuesday nights at the Tavern at the End of The World, at 2AM at an Air BnB in Florence, Massachusetts. When you get a chance to celebrate those friendships, you take it. Also, you charge at least $5 a head to see it.