The Deep State is a dark gritty bar with a bartender that knows your drink, but doesn’t pretend this is anything else than it is. It’s the drink you need, but you know you shouldn’t have. It’s that deep intake of breath before a decision that is going to feel good, but you know you are going to regret. It’s rock and roll.” – Professor Robert Williams, W.E.B. Du Bois Department of Afro-American Studies | UMass Amherst

Band photo 2018

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Operating out of an undisclosed location in Boston, Massachusetts, the Deep State is a hard & jangly American rock band. They work to craft songs brimming with noise and melody, anguish and whimsy. 

Their live act is a refreshingly workmanlike experience. No jibba jabba, no pandering, no requests. There’s plenty of time to make friends after the rock show.